South Campus

Phase 1- In 10 years
A Health Hub focused on outpatient clinics, day procedures and an Urgent Care Centre.
The Health Hub will see 240,000 patient visits a year. That’s almost 1,000 people per day!

Phase 2- In 15 years
Addition of inpatient units that aren’t dependent on an Emergency Department such as seniors’ care or rehabilitation.

Phase 3- In 20 years
A full-service, acute care hospital with a 24/7 Emergency Department and operating rooms. Houses almost 290 inpatient beds and space for community partners to better coordinate care.

The South Campus at completion will be the size of RVH today! We expect to see 350,000 patient visits each year.

North Campus

Phase 1- Pre-Tower Phase
Maximize our existing building. Add new ICU beds and inpatient beds. Expanding dialysis, mental health and imaging services and existing empty shelled units that were built as part of the 2021 expansion.

Phase 2- Tower Phase
Build a nine-storey inpatient tower. Includes new inpatient beds and operating rooms. At completion, this expansion will add 240 beds to the North Campus.

RVH’s Timeline

1 Year
Rizzardo RVH Health & Wellness Clinics

6 Years
North campus pre-tower

10 years
North Campus tower
South Campus health hub

15 years
South Campus post acute inpatient beds

20 years
South campus hospital

20 year timeline

Ministry of Health Capital Planning Process

Like every other hospital in Ontario, we have to go through a provincial approval process to implement our plan.

  • Pre-Capital Submission
  • Stage 1: Proposal
  • Stage 2: Functional Program
  • Stage 3: Preliminary Design
  • Stage 4: Working Drawings
  • Stage 5: Implementation